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Friday, February 20, 2015

Greetings from North Carolina

Greetings from North Carolina
I've gotten so used to using Facebook, that I totally forgot about my blog. My mom sent me the link, and I can't believe it's been so long since I updated. So much has happened. I am very thankful for the changes, and blessed that some things never change. Jeff is still a carrier at the post office, but last summer, he was able to get a transfer to Southern Pines, North Carolina. It's been our prayer for quite a few years to be able to move somewhere more temperate. Delivering mail through feet of snow, in sub zero temperatures is definitely rough. The move has been such a great change for us. We found a great church, and school, which made the transition much easier. We miss family so much, but I honestly don't miss Cleveland at all. The sun here is so friendly, visiting pretty much every day. I really feel like my mood has lifted so much since moving here, especially this winter. It hasn't really felt like winter at all, until this week. It's been kind of like autumn the whole time, with sunny days and warmer temperatures quite often.
This week was our first taste of winter here.

Pardon me. Your feeder is getting low.
First Snow since moving to North Carolina.
It was more like a sheet of white ice, 

In their defense, Moore county has a whopping 3 snow plows for the entire area, they couldn't clear the roads, and there was a lot of ice. Compared to Cleveland, it was just a dusting, but because the ice couldn't be cleared, things still slowed down a lot. Jeff still had to go in to work, but the boys had snow days all week, and a delay for today. 

My friend, Kristi, was complaining about how wacko the area was about rushing to the store for supplies in anticipation of the "blizzard". She mentioned that all the milk and bread was disappearing off the shelves, and then posted this meme. It cracked me up! 

I found this photo too, and thought it was so fitting....

I had just posted this gorgeous photo of the buds popping out on the tree outside our apartment...

and just a day or 2 later, the poor tree was like this...

I'll close out this post, because Jeffie just came home with pizza for our Friday Pizza and Night. 

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Rainy Fall Day. It's very quiet this morning, even though it's a Saturday. My youngest son, Gideon, spent the night at his uncle Bobby's house. I'm sure they had a great time. It's his first time spending the night away from home, except for Aunt Chrissy's, of course. We wanted to make Gabriel's night special too, so he wouldn't feel left out, so Jeffie brought home pizza, and we took him to Southpark Mall. We went putt putting at the Firefly there. It's an indoor black light putt putt course. Gabe was cracking me up. He was just whacking away, and surprisingly, it would still work. He did a few in 3 shots. Most of the time, though, it was kind of like watching a hockey player push the puck along the ice. Ha ha. We stopped in at Game Stop (of course) and also the Pet store. He was also excited that I told him he could stay up as late as he wanted, well, sort of. I said, within reason. We all stayed up until almost 1 am, and I finally said... it's time. The boys had the day off from school yesterday, and most of the time, they just played on the computer and Wii U. They also watched Ninjago. I did get them to spend a smidgen of time on a craft. I found out that Sharpie metallic markers work great on pressed leaves. I already had some leaves and also the metallic markers. Good deal. The boys only spent a few minutes on them, but at least I have something to save. I never can get them to spend too much time on crafts, but it doesn't stop me from setting stuff up for them. Gideon is in kindergarten now, and is doing great! He's behaving just fine (for a 6 year old boy), and his school work is awesome! I'll upload some of his papers to show you. His penmanship is gorgeous, and his drawings are great. His art is so fun, although his free drawings are mostly robots and monsters, LOL. His art teacher mentioned how well this class is doing. She says she'll start on a concept, and that Gideon will catch it right away. I'm very happy with how he's doing. Gabriel missed the honor roll for the first time in a long time, this quarter. His penmanship, eek! and his language arts are low (for him) but other than that, he's an amazing student. He's extremely smart, and has a crazy good memory. He takes it for granted though, and I think this year is teaching him that he can't just glide along on his intelligence. Jeff is doing fine. He finally got a bid to a nice route, all his own. He's been a U-man for quite a few years now, where he delivers on 5 different routes when the regulars have their days off. He got a really great route in Parma, and it has a playground right there, so I'll be able to take the boys there in the summer, to meet him for lunch. I'm ok. I need to get into the Dr. to get work done on these shoulders and neck. I can't seem to do anything without dealing with pain and tension. I take about 2 aleve a day. Other than that, I'm doing just fine. It's really nice having the boys both in school during the day. I started back with my Etsy shop, and am just basically soaking up the freedom, and quiet (except for the neighbor behind us who likes to play his pounding music during all hours. ugh.) I like where we're living right now. It's a quiet apartment building in North Royalton. The street is like a country road, and we're in a townhome with 2 floors, and our own patio and entrance. We moved here from a 3rd floor apartment, and I felt sorry for the people below us. I was very glad that this townhouse opened up.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Input Output

I was at the game store with my family last night, and was just so disturbed at all the graphically violent games. I don't understand why we think we can feed this to our kids and young adults day after day, and not have it show up in their lives at some point.

The old song says it so well....

"Input, Output
What goes in is what comes out
Input Output
That is what it's all about
Input Output
Your mind is a computer who's
Input Output
Daily you must choose."

The Computer Song by Daywind Kidz

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Coyote, Baby Geese, and other Fine Friends

Jeffie has been off all week, and it's just been so nice having him around. We went to the park on Monday, and I got some great photos of a coyote that wandered into our picnic site. The boys played with little foam airplanes, and bubbles, and I collected pine cones for a Sunday school craft. Giddy was ornery, and spent quite a bit of time in time out under a tree.

Tuesday, we went to the zoo, and though it started out stressful, the day turned out to be fantastic. It was really crowded with lots of school field trips, and other visitors. I thought it may not be as bad because it seemed like it was going to rain the whole time we were there, and it was really chilly. I hate crowds. I don't know why I get so upset being in a crowd. It's just the way I've always been. I remember being in plays, and whenever they had the meet and greet out in the lobby, I'd always find a way to sneak off. Parties were never the way for me. I'd be the one in another room off by myself. I'm thankful that the day loosened up, and we got to visit almost every section of the zoo. The boys had a great time, and I loved being with Jeff. I made it a point to leave my camera at home, so I wouldn't slip into my artist mode, and forget to enjoy the day with my family. I wanted to pay attention to them, and not the pretty photos I could get. <3 I've actually done that a lot this week, so you'll just have to trust me when I say this has been a great week, with gorgeous moments. haha.

Wednesday was a nothing day. I didn't feel too hot, and laid down for some of the afternoon, and we just hung around the apartment for the day.

Thursday, we had to go to Gabriel's oncology appointment for his blood draw. We'll need some prayer, because they found that his red blood cells have been steadily getting higher since he went off chemo. They said it could be as simple as him not getting enough fluids, which is totally possible. They took his pulse ox, and next appointment in 2 months (ugh so long to wait) they'll do more blood tests, and an ekg and ultrasound of his belly. We're praying that by the next appointment, his counts will have gotten lower, and we'll find out that it really is just low fluids. I find myself stopping and getting stressed, and I just start praying for my little man. It's all I need to do. We're giving Gabe his own water jug to make sure he finishes it every day, besides the milk and other things he drinks.

After the appointment, we decided to make the day nicer, so we went and had lunch at Wendy's, and played at Lakewood park for a while. They have a huge playground, and a walkway down to the lake. Then we went to the Lake Erie Nature Center. Gideon was his usual self, and when we were crossing the little rock path across the fish pond, he plopped down, and stuck his feet right in. Ugh. I also caught him crawling over the fence to get closer to the animal exhibit. This kid is a trial. Lol. We loved the animal exhibits, and the cool bee exhibit. The weather was awesome, and the drive to all these places was very nice.

Friday, we dropped the boys off at Patty Nanna's house to spend the night, and Patty's daughter was there with her kids. So, the boys had lots of kids to play with. Jeff took me to Pill the Fire for lunch, and we tried fried green tomatoes! YUM! and I had turkey meatloaf, grilled broccoli, and mashed sweet potatoes. What a cool place! We kind of just hung around after that. We drove around, and stopped at the park to sit for a while, and we spent time just hanging around the apartment. Man, was it quiet.

This morning, I ended up waking up at 6am, and not being able to get back to sleep, so I went to Walmart for some breakfast stuff. I saw some sweet goose families, and put my hazards on in the Lowes drive- though, so I could take some photos. Ha ha. I don't think we have anything planned for today, it's a gorgeous day out though, so whatever happens, will be fine with me. <3